Mrs. Comatose

Hello! My name Alexis. I'm 18 and I'm a medicine student; I like to read, write and draw (the last two I do not do it well, but I try). I love Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who and Hannibal (Yes, this is a multifandom blog but I post Supernatural mostly). Also I like martial arts, videogames, books, tea and an entire universe of things. Sometimes I post about medicine (because I'm a MED student) so, don't freak out about it, please. :) I follow back almost always. I survived the Mishapocalypse!

the problem is

I’m just a cigarette

i’ll blacken your lungs and you’ll smell too much like smoke,

as if there was something burning in between your ribcage. 


"I did it to protect the boys. Or to protect myself. I don't know anymore."

In your head, in your head…

In your head, in your head…